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Africa's Stories Well Told

We are a podcast and audio-content development, financing, production, distribution, marketing, and monetization platform launched to bless the world with the stories Africans tell. 

The Oriki is the oral praise poetry found amongst the Yoruba of West Africa and other communities throughout much of Africa. These invocations which have been passed down from generations, praise and describe the innate qualities of a particular man, clan, animal, place or god, and inherently hold the ethos of how Africans have told their stories throughout the ages.


Yes, I'm a Nigerian By Rotimi Olaniyan (Orikipodcasts
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Short-Story Tellers Welcome 

We are looking for new flash fiction and short story writers. Fresh creative voices and raconteurs, eager to explore new themes, characters and plot twists that entertain, educate and inform listeners about the bittersweet reality of being African both at home and abroad.


Our platform is mobile audio first, so your story has to be written for the earphone as much as it should be written for the mind.


So if you feel you are good enough to earn some money for your storytelling then click below to find out more.